With all the ideas dancing in my mind, I have been out hunting for materials to visualise my perception and opinion of the world around me. After many years of collecting and exploring textile-forgotten treasures, I often find my self, organising materials.Some materials are to keep forever as they are, some materials are to be embroidered in visual Art, and others are to be reintegrated in daily wear.

I try to “make use” of all materials that come to me. Never the less, I stop hunting more…There’s is a fear inside me, that I don’t catch these materials in time to make people aware of the value in textile-art ornaments, they will be buried under the ground. The evidence, that humans have used their creativity in clothing and home embellishment. Its thorough these materials, I discover layer by layer of social art history. Most of the artist are women, but never recognised as such…

I need to see and see the materials in front of me. It’s hard to work creatively, when I have to dig my self through boxes and drawers. Out of a need for bringing materials into light, I started making small installations. Small sketches, creating my sewing-room.


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