Plastic Art Collection

Play with plasticThe white sand of Tulum is decorated with small beautiful bits of colour. Under my feet I is a mosaic made of plastic. I forget why I am here to relax and enjoy when I hear “Oh please, don’t start picking trash with you. Please…!”
Two days after I am back at the same place with the purpose of picking from the sand, the colours I like. For me, they looked like precious stones, when I held them into the light. To my great disappointment, the Maya workers, had already been there and cleaned it up for the tourists. Luckily one day, me and my partner decided to spend one day at the beach together. Wanting to be alone and away from everybody else, we drove a long straight road through the National park, with the lake on our right had side and the sea on the other. Over a bridge and almost in Belize, we delighted ourselves in the Caribean sea and strolled along the empty beach like if we were in heaven.

I took with me some souvenir’s with me, but the rest is there. Waiting for someone to come and pick it up. Maybe the Mexican government hears about the whale that stranded in Norway and takes action in giving the Maya people some work.

I challenged a group of pupils to help me create artwork out of the plastic I brought home from Mexico. We made a game where we moved the pieces into visual expression.


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