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I collect and take care of almost anything.
Before summer i got a visit from Are Kværk with to bags full of bits and pieces that he got from a friend. «Thank you so much, they are perfect to make very simple clothes in a very simple manner by just fitting the bits together. After summer o got a a creative fever after sorting out materials, and made me something new.
One came from a silk scarf, two from a pillow cover, three and four from a table cloth that o got from friends (thank you Lisbeth Fjellanger for all the lace I got from you that you had from family shop. Some of it is now colored (because i was fed up of white).
Yesterday Joana Isabel Rodrigues Mølbach was on a lightning home visit and we managed to take some pictures before it got dark.

More pictures will come when Joana returns to model

Mean while, nothing is stopping you from putting your own bits and pieces together if you feel for something new


Mission possible
Thank you Joana Isabel Rodrigues Mølbach for modeling my old wardrobe. The light was minimal brief and I had to jungle by the window with the mirror catching enough light give you some details.
I have been growing up lately, and having «the hots & sweats of middle age» i need textiles that allow me to breath and refresh.
Then I have been sick of the sewing machine and at one point all my four machines got sick of me and dint work.
For one year ago I was in deep grief and started sewing my self new tops that I would wear on my visits to the hospital Were Frøydis mother spent her last months. I liked the expression in her ayes when she saw me with something old new. I had my hand work with me everyday, in case i would get the chance to sew in between visits.
Now that I am heading to México to learn how to embroider Indian clothes, I no longer am leaving these behind.
Enjoy the views and remember one thing: my creativity comes out of the respect for nature, my self and the concern for the children to grow.
I hope these pictures show the simplicity of the work, achievable for everyone and specially young children. Be inspired to do your fill your own closet with new fashion made with your own personal left overs.
I am lucky to have Joana modeling for me and she makes it look good. If you are jealous, you should copy the ideas. If you make a lot and need a model to make look good. Joana Isabel Rodrigues Mølbach is for hire, but pay her better than me, because I have mothers discount and she need the money to follow her studies.

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