Paper paper and more paper.

For the passed years, I have been drowning in my own plastic and paper waste. After I studied the packing materials I “filled the house”. Because nothing useful goes to waste I forced my self to put back the avocado packed in plastic with plastic. Some materials are useless all the way trough and I can’t let my “need” of avocado overrun the fact, that it comes in needless killing plastic.

Now someone ate a lot of pizza over the holiday and I got to keep all the packages to use in my work with my pupils “the specials”. We use them as canvas for making pictures together with other paper leftovers.
I had been thinking about this idea for far too long and I need to clear the home space for the incoming packages.

“you know Maria, I think these students are getting tired of working with this paper-stuff. I think they are soon ready to work with something else”. The teacher knows her students better than, me passing by. “It’s important to relate to our everyday waste to become conscious and find alternative ways of consume. The students get to use their brains and do creative work without having to buy new. We can’t keep on buying new materials, when we can make perfect use of the materials we already are wasting”, As I was saying this, I was thinking of the perfectly good table she replaced with new and that the pupils detested. “Oh indeed! … I agree with you …”
I am still thinking about that table, but they will have to relate to my pieces of garbage if they want me around.
With my collaboration with “the specials” I am rediscovering my passion for making pictures. And because I don’t eat so much pizza or hardly buy anything you may “safe your best boxes for me”. Because I should to be invited to work with other schools 😉

I hope these pictures inspire you to use the materials you already have. It’s not enough to recycle but also; be aware of the things we bring in and out of our lives.

“If we don’t stop shitting where we eat, we will have to eat what we shit.”

MariaSting 2017

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